Unreasonable Silence

78 Tarot cards, artist’s book

Published & edited by common-editions

Introduction by Antonia Shaw
Designed by Stinsensqueeze (images ©Stinsensqueeze 2021)

box 89 mm x 127mm x 50mm
ISBN 978-0-9931563-7-3

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Unreasonable silence is a 78 card tarot deck based on my exploration of the allegorical images and interpretations of typical tarot decks. The interpretive texts in the guide give a sense of this research. 

A research residency at London’s Warburg Institute, informed the creation of a performance Lessness, still quorum (Serpentine Gallery London, 2018) where I re-animated the tarot as a three dimensional space, exploring the encounter between action, storytelling, symbolism and magical thinking. Based on this work, I created my tarot deck which acts as documentation of the performance as well as a sculptural reimagining of the space within tarot and explores the meaning materials and shape can convey. The deck informed the making of the exhibition Command Lines at Void Gallery, Derry Northern Ireland.

Each card in Unreasonable Silence is a collage of symbols, photos and drawings, a culmination of the sculptures, performances and animations that make up the larger work. For every card there is an extended title, and taken together they may form a poem. A different poem could be formed each time the cards are pulled in a new sequence. The cards might also have meaningful coincidence with events in your own life. 

This project is supported by Arts Council England and The Warburg Institute.