Archived Works:

AVATAR, 2015

Stage ABC, 2012-13

Dingbat, 2015

Sleight, 2012

Muster Point, 2012

Circus Philosophicus & the Myth of Mary Toft, 2011

Portraits, 2011

Stages ABC 2012-13

A body of work made during a year long residency at the British School at Rome 2011-12. This project informed the exhibition The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb

 Dingbat 2015

flags in various locations around Cambridge. Each flag could be decoded to give the location of the next flag.

Muster Point 2012

Circus Philosophicus and the Myth of Mary Toft
With performance composed by Stephen Crowe
Christine Radjabou-Catelan- Soprano. Sam Sharp- Saxophone