Ritual for a New Regime,

Cole Projects, London 2020

Group show: Sol Bailey Barker, Rebecca Bellantoni & Rowdy SS, Emma Fisher & Candida Powell-Williams

Extract of Press Release... 

*The origin story of this exhibition is now a familiar one: cancellations and postponements of all upcoming events. Adaptation is key, and so, we have adapted to our new environment, installing works physically in an ex military base in North London, but presenting them to a virtual audience. In doing so we ensure that care for ourselves and each other is a priority, but at the same time nurturing our intrinsic creativity

Nothing has become more evident in this crisis than the natural balance of the Earth being disturbed through humanity’s exploitation of its resources. The crisis has also highlighted systemic injustices and unevenly distributed weaknesses in our societies. What does the cessation of salaries mean to the Capitalocene and how does the invisible threat of a global disease impact the idea of the Anthropocene?

Exposed Arts Projects, Kensington 2018

Two person show with Thomas Yeomans exploring the points where our practices merge and diverge during the course of our long-term friendship as we both touch on notions of spiritualism and power, encryption and symbolism. The works developed into Command Lines


Lotus 2017

Bosse and Baum Gallery