Orbit within the Echoes 
Whitechapel Gallery, Nocturnal Creatures, Aldgate Square, July 2021
Capel Manor Gardens May 2021

Performance with sound piece and animations overlaid onto live stream

Performed by Mary Feliciano, Anna Guzck, Annabel Knobbs, Evie Webzell/Emma Holt, Kyle White

Capel Manor:

Produced by Melanie Wilson

Production management & live stream by Ed Bognis

Still photography David Bebber

Orbit within the Echoes was a new performance weaving dancers through the garden at Capel Manor and among animations on a live stream. The work draws inspiration from the myths, history and design of labyrinths. The performance explores the association between labyrinths and dancing, pulling on the ways in which the image and symbolism is echoed across different cultures and ages. Whilst describing the curves of the labyrinth, the choreography also mirrors the myth of Ariadne’s dance as described in Homer’s Iliad. The performance focuses on perpetual hypnotic motion, chains, coiling, repetitive, kaleidoscopic patterns, acrobatic movements, twisting and knotting together, creating spirals, ripples, group mechanics and weight transfers. The costumes are based on knots inspired by their associations with entrails, traps, Celtic spirals and the enduring image of Ariadne leading Theseus out of the labyrinth with her thread. Tangling and untangling their bodies in space the dancers use perpetual motion and kaleidoscopic patterns to explore how movement can be meditative, the labyrinth a map of life's journey and a means to unlock the unconscious.